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Car Owners Are Not Fond of Technology

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JD Power & Associates (MHP) just released the findings of its auto buyer’s survey, and the results are a first for the 26-year-old study. It appears that auto owners complained most about their vehicle’s navigation, entertainment, and audio features more than anything else.

These criticisms are traditionally with high-end cars that have special tech features built in. But, now that these features are becoming more commonplace, manufacturers like General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) are going to hear about all they did wrong.

For Ford in particular, drivers found using the entertainment and information system MyFord Touch to be too difficult. The MyFord Touch system has been upgraded since the survey happened, but its former usability issues are partially responsible for the company slipping in the JD Power quality ranking to the 27 spot on a list of 34. Last year it was faulty dashboard touch screens that helped Ford earn the 23 spot on the survey, slipping from the 5 spot.

David Sargent, Vice President of global automotive research at JD Power, shared his thoughts on Ford’s situation in an interview. Sargent said that, “It’s not that the problem is getting worse, it’s becoming more prevalent because they are introducing more vehicles with MyFord Touch”.

Auto owners favored a tie between Jaguar (TTM) and Porsche for second, Cadillac in fourth, and Honda (HMC) finishing the survey in fifth. Lexus, owned by Toyota (TM), took the top spot this year for the second year in a row.

One way to get around this problem could be to make it someone else’s fault. Apple (AAPL) announced last week that they are working with Honda, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, and General Motors to add dedicated Siri buttons to steering wheels in future models. 
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