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Canned Beer Sees Resurgence

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Last month, we headed across the pond to check out Guinness’s brand new bar. (It’s in a submarine.)

But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like American beer drinkers are going to be splurging on cool new places to drink beer any time soon. We can barely afford bottles.

According to a chart released yesterday by Bloomberg, the recession has led to a strong recovery for beer cans. In 2011, canned beer made up 53% of all beer consumed, up 5% from pre-recession lows.

Back in 1991, canned beer made up a full 60% of total consumption, but it lost market share to bottles and drafts thanks to demand for foreign beer. However, times are tough, and that means beer drinkers are cutting back and returning to macro brews like Budweiser (BUD) and Coors (TAP).

Cost isn’t the only reason for the can’s resurgence. It’s also become cooler. Hipsters have been drinking PBR for years, permanently attaching it to the young and “hip” in many minds.

More importantly, many craft breweries have started selling beer in cans, so quality beer is no longer only available in bottles or on tap. Beyond that, America currently has its highest number of breweries since the 1880s.
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