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Apple Initiates 'Secret People-Cloning Project'

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Apple (AAPL) has patented a new service that works even better than tinfoil wrapped around your head: anti-tracking software that’s designed to keep “them” from watching you (whoever “them” may be), reports Gizmodo.

The patent, which is designed to throw off anyone who might be tracking your every movement online, works by allowing you to create a “dummy” web persona that mimics your real-world persona so accurately that even people who know you the best won’t know it’s not the real you.

While the “real” you is surfing the web, all confident and secure in your secret browsing, the nefarious evil-doers tracking you will be unwittingly spying on your doppelganger, whose behavior and activity is set up by you. The patent allows you to set certain “parameters” about your clone, like "areas of interest" and "feigned confidential information.” You can choose which parts of your real identity you want to seep in, which will only add to the deception.

Since this is just a patent, we’re going to have to wait awhile to see if this thing is ever made, but conspiracy nuts probably shouldn’t get too excited -- the government will probably shut this down first anyway.
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