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War: There's an App for That

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The military has many different kinds of drones, each one with a unique controller that handles exactly one flying death machine. There is no controller that allows for the manipulation of multiple drones at the same time.

The Pentagon’s Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics directorate is looking to rectify that.

The directorate has a team trying to make a feasible control system for more than one drone at once. This has been a largely unsuccessful undertaking in the past. Drones have proprietary control software from their manufacturer’s specific to each type and brand.

The man in charge is thinking about fleets of drones, comprising different kinds of drones. The goal is to develop one control that can direct anything from a combat model to a spy drone without issue.

This would change how drone war is conducted, as the individual drone is replaced by many. Couple that with the ability to select mission specific applications for a variety of drones and you have the military trying to build a robot army on Apple (AAPL) and Google’s (GOOG) app store business model

For this task, small defense businesses like DreamHammer can compete with military industrial complex giants like Boeing (BA) and Northrop Grumman (NOC). Additionally, drone makers would have to license DreamHammer’s killer app when building the next batch of unmanned war fighters.

The California based company has developed software called Ballista to control multiple robotic drones from the same tablet device or laptop. Ballista is shaping up to be the first multi-drone operating system.

While the specifics of the software haven’t been revealed yet, there are some things DreamHammer will reveal. The software interfaces with a drone through an application programming interfaces or API. It renders a 3D map of the area the drone is traversing, provides real-time locations of the drones from GPS, and much more. Switching drones is also particularly easy, requiring a simple click of the mouse.

No word yet on when the app will be ready, nor when Skynet will rise against us.
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