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Flight Attendants' Jobs Just Got Harder

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The glamour is gone for today’s flight attendants.

The job has been reduced to erratic work schedules, terrible pay, and babysitting ill-mannered adults who don’t want to give up their toys. The New York Times notes that the long list of devices flight attendants need to monitor is constantly growing.

In addition to cell phones, tablets and e-readers, in-flight no-no’s now include stealth wristwatches like Sony’s (SNE) Smartwatch that can keeps tabs on emails and Twitter. Apple’s (AAPL) iPod Nano performs its usual duties while doubling as a watch when placed in a specially designed watchband. Pebble is a scratchproof, water-resistant watch featuring a large selection of watchfaces similar to the Nano and allows users to do a number of tasks through its apps using Bluetooth. While there are apps that can boost your running or biking experience, on a plane you’re basically limited to listening to music or cyberstalking people on Facebook (FB).

Even a seemingly simple thing as glasses cannot be trusted. Next year, Google (GOOG) plans to launch Project Glass. This hands-free, space-age device will allow you to do anything a smartphone can do through voice commands.

How are flight attendants planning to monitor these devices? Stacy K. Martin, president of the Transport Workers Union Local 556 told the New York Times, “We’re not policemen. We’re not going to be able to get anything done if we have to ask people if they’re wearing sunglasses or computer glasses and if their watch is a computer.”

Martin continued, “My hope is that we will get some relief from the FAA, but I don’t expect them to step up and be prepared for these issues in a timely fashion. Technology is clearly 10 years ahead of the FAA.”

That answer is not very encouraging.

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