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The Best Argument to Switch From iPhone to Android

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One needs only a cursory familiarity with a tech blog's comment section to understand the perpetual hatred being spewed -- particularly between iPhone (AAPL) and Android (GOOG) users. Of all the battles being waged in the tech world -- Windows (MSFT) Vs. Mac, Verizon (VZ) Vs. AT&T (T) -- nothing holds a candle to iOS Vs. Android. (Though lately, BlackBerry (RIMM) users seem to be the most outraged toward those reporting the news.)

So when someone, anyone, is able to break down the differences between the devices and their respective OSes with a clear, level-headed, well-reasoned argument, it sends a positive rush throughout the blogosphere, proving that, yes, even the most vehement enemies can get along.

Of course, that lasts a few hours before it all descends back into madness.

Nevertheless, the Verge Forums was subjected to a fantastically lucid argument from a dedicated iPhone user who wanted to give the Android-powered HTC One X a shot for 29 days -- one day shy of AT&T's 30-day return window.

Silellak had grown bored with iOS and became disillusioned with the lack of substantial updates and inability to fully customize his iPhone without running into usability issues. Between its glowing review on The Verge and impressive specs, Silellak decided to give the HTC One X a spin.

Almost immediately, Silellak was impressed with the much larger screen, proclaiming to be "a convert into the Large Screen Club." While he found stock iOS to be slightly more stable than stock Ice Cream Sandwich, he much preferred the customization and transparency of the latter. Not only was he able to do more tinkering with the phone, everything that was currently running on his HTC One X could be clearly displayed "at a glance" on his homepage in a straight-forward manner.

As Silellak put it, "There's an icon for that."

Although he admits he misses "surprisingly little" from the iPhone, Silellak found that certain third-party apps like Tweetbot and accessories like the ANT+ heart rate monitor didn't have Android alternatives that mimicked what he was used to. However, he was able to find a few workarounds that often did the tasks better than the iPhone.

But it was his summation of the experiment where Silellak was able to "reach across the aisle" and unite two warring factions with the realization that we're living in a wonderfully rich, technological world.

"I've learned that between the new iPad, great Android devices like the HTC One X, the new MacBook Pro, and the impending releases of Windows 8, (presumably) Windows 8 Phone, and the next-generation's a fantastic time to be a gadget nerd like me, and no matter what you choose, it's hard to go wrong."

Adding, "Well, you know, unless you get a BlackBerry."

Oh, well. Can't blame him for including one dig.

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