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Seton Hall Gets 'Smoked by Windows'

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It's like I said back in March, it's hard not to root for Windows Phone (MSFT).

Miles behind in the two-horse race that is the Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) war, Windows Phone's sleek interface and willingness to undergo a massive overhaul to stay in the game -- unlike RIM (RIMM), which held out for a lethal amount of time -- gives it a pluckiness that's difficult to dismiss. Sure, the developer support is still lagging and its braggadocio can get more than a little annoying, if not fraudulent. But if you're deciding against an iPhone or Android for some reason, you could do much, much worse than Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 900.

So much to the delight -- or bemusement, at least -- to Seton Hall University's incoming freshmen class, each student will be issued a Lumia 900 upon orientation. The promotion is similar to school giveaways we've seen in the past, though Seton Hall's Class of 2016 is probably a tad jealous of members of the Junior class, who were given iPads.

But free gift envy aside, the promotion is not as nice as it sounds.

According to Engadget, students will have free pre-paid access to AT&T (T) only through the fall semester, and after that, they will either have to renew the contract or rely on data access via Wi-Fi.

So while it's one thing to look a gift horse in the mouth, it's another if you had to start paying for the barn and hay come January, especially after Consumer Reports rated it the worst horse in the country.

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