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Facebook Coming Up Short in Overseas Markets

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Each June and December, after analyzing traffic data from Alexa and Google Trends, social media strategist Vince Cosenza releases an updated version of his "World Map of Social Networks."

In the recent June 2012 edition, Facebook (FB) is listed as the most popular social networking site in 126 of the 137 countries analyzed. Surprisingly, Europe leads the race among continents with the most users at 232 million. North America comes in second with 222 million users, and Asia ranks a close third with 219 million users.

However, Facebook isn't the runaway hit for the entire world. The social network is still trailing others in two major markets: Russia and China. In Russia, the site ranks third in popularity, and Facebook doesn't even rank among the top three social networking sites in China.

Cosenza also compares his maps from previous years in an animated gif to show the evolution of Facebook's world domination. Starting in June 2009, there were 17 leading social networks. And as of June 2012 there are only seven remaining, with Facebook having taken over where the previous 10 dropped off.
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