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AT&T to Harness the Power of Human Bones

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As if cell phone radiation didn’t give us enough to worry about, the Dr. Frankensteins at AT&T (T) Labs have been hard at work figuring out how to transfer data through human bone using your iPhone (AAPL) or Droid (GOOG). reports on the telecommunication giant’s progress with bioacoustic technology, which is exactly what it sounds like: applications derived from sound waves traveling through organic material. In combination with piezoelectricity -- the ability of certain materials, including bone, to retain an electrical charge – scientists have been able to create a secure door locking system using a cell phone.

The "key" is a code stored on your phone that, when held in hand, transmits this code as a distinct sound vibration through your body. Your other hand, secured around the appropriate doorknob, transfers this unique vibration into the locking mechanism and opens the door. Like a snow flake or a fingerprint, the frequency of sound shot through bone is unique, and scientists are determining whether it is unique enough to work as a reliable security measure.

While it might seem like straight-up science fiction, AT&T is already planning future applications for the emerging technology. Data transferred securely through human bone is the expected outcome of the project, according to its director Brian Amento.

His team would like to see a day when business cards will be left in their holders, and contact information transferred between businessmen and business women with a firm handshake. 
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