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Hate Your Carrier? Just Be Grateful It Didn't Give You George Zimmerman's Old Number

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Orlando resident Junior Alexander Guy decided last month at the age of 49 it was time he finally purchased his first cell phone. It would’ve been a very non-newsworthy event, if the new phone number he was given didn’t happen to be George Zimmerman’s old one. The same phone number Zimmerman recited in the recorded 911 call he made on the evening of Trayvon Martin’s death.

Guy says his phone rang around the clock for two days straight with calls for Zimmerman. Some callers were threatening, others just angry. He estimates there were 70 in total. Guy's lawyer Robert Trimble states that the nonstop calls caused Guy to feel unsafe in his own home. To protect his life and the life of his mother, Guy locked the cell phone in Trimble’s safe and relocated. The cell phone remains locked away.

Guy had never previously owned a cell phone largely due to the fact that he had been in prison for the past 19 years on a cocaine trafficking charge. Regardless of his client’s past, Trimble says there is proof of the harassment and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages from T-Mobile.

The carrier states they offered to change the number, have the early termination fee waved, and retire the phone number. But according to Trimble, T-Mobile is not willing to provide Guy with any other compensation. Trimble says they are only seeking a fair and just amount for what his client was exposed to.

Still, given its reputation, Guy should be grateful he didn't go with AT&T (T).
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