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Facebook Looks to India for Growth Potential

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With a recent proliferation of Facebook (FBrumors, and a continued wet noodle stock outlook, the social media giant has one unique prospect on the horizon: India.
Business Week dishes the numbers: India currently has somewhere around 46,307,580 Facebook users, placing it third behind the United States’ 156,830,580 and Brazil’s 48,041,640. But by 2015, Indian profiles, which are growing at 22% biannually, are projected to outpace the US when they break past 175 million.
India is an untapped market for Facebook, and with only 4% of the country’s 1.2 billion people signed up -- compared with 51% of America’s 311 million -- the ceiling for growth is unprecedented. The only comparable population would be China -- which tops India with 3.1 billion. But "The Great Firewall of China" bars a long list of foreign sites from the notoriously censored country, Facebook included. This leaves India as the site’s greatest untapped market.
The success of Facebook in India will likely lie in how Indians utilize social networking. Think of American Facebook behavior as a closed circuit system. We engage our existing social circles through Facebook. In India, culture dictates a different approach, and Indians use the site to grow their social network, not just connect with existing friends.
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