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Clumsy iPhone Videographers Get a Hilarious Smackdown

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It's taken over YouTube (GOOG). There's no escape.

Leagues of iPhone (AAPL) and Android users shooting video with their devices in a vertical position. Not only must the viewer contend with less-than-ideal video quality, our scope of the action is limited to a single subject, from head to toe, and a significant section of ground and sky. Where's the drunken friend or misbehaving puppy? Hidden by the black strips on either side of the YouTube screen.

Lumière and Méliès must be spinning in their graves.

But a hilarious new PSA courtesy of Glove and Boots has surfaced, warning amateur videographers of Vertical Video Syndrome and urging them to switch to a horizontal orientation. Otherwise, the consequences could range from skyscraper cineplexes and regrettably new versions of the Star Wars franchise.

Take a gander and pass it along to anyone who's holding their iPhone wrong.

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