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Apple Maps Out Its Problems With Google

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In November 2011, the grudge match between Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) was hitting a fever pitch. The iPhone 4S debuted to tepid enthusiasm but went on to earn much stronger sales numbers. Samsung was putting the final touches on the next flagship Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus, which showed off the heavily revamped Ice Cream Sandwich OS. And Google was about to bring in a pile of patents with its imminent acquisition of Motorola.

As RIM (RIMM), Microsoft (MSFT), and Nokia (NOK) continued to flounder, these two tech giants were gaining even greater control of the mobile industry.

But amidst the cutthroat competition, Apple made a notable buy of its own that hinted at another wedge driven between it and Mountain View.

It was then that Apple bought C3 Technologies, a company that specialized in photo-realistic 3D mapping and applied extremely detailed "skins" to three-dimensional objects. Picture Google Earth's 3D view, but even better.

From the looks of things, Apple appeared to be preparing to drop Google Maps from iOS and all its mobile devices. In recent months, the rumors continue to mount of such a defect, and now the Wall Street Journal has all but confirmed it.

Speaking with those infamous insiders, the Journal reports that Apple is expected to unveil a brand new mapping system for its iOS devices as early as next week's WWDC. Including C3 Technologies, Apple has acquired "at least three" companies which specialize in mapping technology.

Rajeev Chand, a managing director at investment bank Rutberg & Co, told the Journal, "Apple is aiming squarely at Google on multiple dimensions." Adding, "Google and Apple are in a battle over data, devices, services, and the future of computing. This is the historic battle of today."

Since Android's integration of Google Maps and Google Navigator is one of its strongest features and a solid incentive to go Google rather than Apple, Cupertino is betting big to outdo something its chief competitor does best.

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