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Taco Bell, Mountain Dew Change Breakfast Forever

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- or that’s what everyone keeps saying. As such, it’s a good idea to pump as much sugar and caffeine into your body as possible early in the morning.

To that end, Taco Bell (YUM) presents its brand new mixed drink, Mountain Dew AM. What’s in it? According to this sign, a “mixology of Mountain Dew (PEP) and Orange Juice.”

Those ingredients, and the use of the word “mixology,” suggest that vodka is the drink’s secret third component. While that does sound drinkable in a frat party/ hunch punch sort of way, it probably won’t do anything to combat the idea that the only reason to go to Taco Bell is you’re too drunk to remember you went to Taco Bell.

After all, this is the company that came up with Fourth Meal.

Reactions online have been fairly predictable. The drink has received several nicknames, including the Dew Driver (which raises the exciting prospect of Taco Bell Sunday brunch), and Morning Dew.

Taco Bell introduced the idea of a breakfast menu earlier this year and Mountain Dew AM, which is only available until 11 AM, appears to go along with that. That said, I can’t find any mention of it on the company’s website, so it might be location specific.

If so, the savvy consumer can probably make their own.

As far as innovative junk food combinations go, Mountain Dew AM rivals that other great, recent Taco Bell creation: the taco with a Doritos shell. That product was apparently good enough to merit both a 1,000-mile road trip and an ad campaign.

Anyways, kudos to Taco Bell for taking an old idea in an exciting new direction. To my mind, Mountain Dew AM might be the best thing to happen to breakfast since the Egg McMuffin (MCD).
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