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Manpacks Sees Free Condoms as Free Publicity

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For whatever reason, today looks like Giveaway Day all around this great country of ours. First off, we have the Daily Caller, who plan to hand out a gun every week until the election in honor of their new “Guns and Gear” section and also, you know, Amurica.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, a plan to give away free pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish has met with substantial resistance. In spite of one shopkeep’s fairly reasonable claim that “Pizza is universal in every language so all you really need to learn is ‘por favor,’” a boycott of pizza chain Pizza Patron is brewing.

Boycotts and hurt feelings aside, both of those ideas seem like a good way to grab some free publicity. However, Manpacks -- a company that provides necessities for men -- has done them one better.

Like the RA at some snobby, east coast, elitist university, Manpacks is giving away condoms. Unfortunately, their generosity only extends to around one hundred start-up companies across the country.

The promotion comes in support of a program that allows start-up employees to sign up for discounted Manpacks account. These accounts provide men with quarterly deliveries of essential items like underwear, razors, socks, and condoms. As of right now, only the condoms are being given away free.

Manpacks’ CEO Ken Johnson told Techcrunch that the idea behind the condom giveaway was to be “fun and a little irreverent.” Companies like Path and Scribd have already received boxes of complimentary protection.

Of course, as Techcrunch points out, a condom giveaway won’t do much to combat the popular image of tech start-ups as a boys’ club. However, Manpacks seems more concerned with increasing their customer base, and the always busy employees of fledgling companies might benefit from a few less shopping trips.

Whether or not Manpacks will succeed remains to be seen. However, talking about sex and giving things away are two of the best ways to get attention, so combining them should work wonders. 
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