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Google Leaks First Video From Google Glasses

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If your five-minute chunk on Bluetooth earpieces has grown stale on the stand-up circuit, Google's (GOOG) upcoming set of glasses aims to reinvigorate your Leno-friendly mockery.

We first got hint of Google's Project Glass at the end of last year. Alongside Apple (AAPL), the tech giants were reportedly working on wearable devices that would work in conjunction with your smartphone. While Apple's product is, naturally, still shrouded in mystery, it wasn't long before word came down that Mountain View was developing heads-up display glasses -- allowing the wearer to view diagnostic information as they view the world, similar to certain cyborgs who clean the streets of a crime-ridden Detroit or travel back in time to prevent a future human uprising.

Of course, when we caught our first glimpse of the Google Glasses, the product looked like a cross between Boba Fett's helmet scope and Gordi La Forge's visor, while still retaining the dorkiness of a Bluetooth earpiece.

Still, the prospect of gathering information from our environment while still viewing it clearly in real-time and hands-free has a distinct 21st Century feel and would sure to be a fun precursor to the inevitable high-tech contact lenses we'll have in 50 years.

So while we wait for a sneak peek of the future, Google has released a taste of one of its glasses' lesser features: video capturing. Showcasing technology not much different from a helmet-mounted GoPro camera, the new video shows Google Glasses' video camera in action while a Mountain View employee gleefully tumbles and flips on a trampoline.

No, it's not quite sizing up a biker to steal his clothes, but this first look shows promise, nonetheless.

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