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Park Like a Jerk? This App Will Shame You Into Submission

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As many YouTube videos have so intimately displayed, driving in Russia is a horrifying prospect. Motorists continually test the boundaries of safety and physics by driving like Popeye Doyle from the French Connection. So, naturally, it's not too surprising that their wanton disregard while in motion would be carried over while stationary.

Illegal parking is a major issues on Russia's streets. Folks regularly park on sidewalks and curbs, obstructing pathways and motorways with brazen indifference. As such, app designers affiliated with Russian newspaper The Village have unveiled a method to ensure that nobody will park like a jerk again.

And it's pretty flippin' genius.

Introducing Parking Douche, an app for the Android (GOOG) and iPhone (AAPL) which allows users to take photos of offending parkers' license plates and detail the make and model of the vehicle. From there, the information is sent to a database where a digital mockup of the vehicle is made and featured in banner advertising on the web -- but only those in the vicinity of the bad parking job will see the ad, offering a more localized attack.

Parking Douche also amps up the humiliation by forcing ad viewers to share the vehicle's information on Facebook (FB) or Twitter so they can read the site unobstructed. Such a practice would be widely denounced by online visitors, but the offense is somewhat mitigated by knowing it's for a worthy cause.

As of right now, the app is still just relegated to Russia. However, as anyone who's dealt with Alternate Side Parking on a residential street in Brooklyn could tell you, it's desperately needed in the States.

Check out the video below and covet the ingenuity of our Cold War competitors:

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