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Time Warner Faces $2 Million Smut Suit

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As an employee, watching pornography at work on company time isn’t the world’s brightest idea. The triple-X habit can get you fired, force you to resign in disgrace, and even contribute to the financial collapse of your country’s banking institutions.

It certainly behooves corporations to enact and enforce computer-use policies that explicitly prohibit the activity because, as Time Warner Cable (TWC) just found out, allowing employees free reign over their media devices at work is cause for a legal action.

A $2 million lawsuit filed this week in Manhattan Supreme Court alleges that Time Warner employees were not only permitted to view pornography while on the job, the man who caught them and retaliated was fired.

Though Brooklyn man and Time Warner maintenance worker Keith Reid saw a construction supervisor viewing porn in the company’s Park Slope office and complained about it to higher-ups, the cable provider allowed the behavior to continue. A month later, Reid caught another employee red handed and went back to human resources. According the suit, roughly eight more instances and one more grievance to HR landed Reid his own pink slip.

Reid, who had a good work record over his nine-year tenure at the company, alleges his company harassed him and discriminated against him for being a Christian. It was his faith that informed his opinion about his co-workers’ activities. “This made plaintiff very uncomfortable as watching pornography is against his religious belief as a Christian,” the suit says.

Time Warner spokesman Eric Mangan said the company would not comment.

The lot at Time Warner in Brooklyn are part of a growing problem of smut consuming on the clock. Three percent of Americans surveyed by Harris Interactive -- on behalf of business video platform provider Qumu -- admitted to watching pornography, whether on office computers or personal mobile devices, during work hours.
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