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Young Entrepreneur Changes Name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Every great entrepreneur needs to set him or herself apart from the crowd. A quirky trait perhaps, like Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.A), who plays bridge online at least 4 times a week, and is often joined by Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). Or the “Homeless billionaire” Nicolas Bergguren—whose UK based Justice Holdings, Ltd (JUSH) just bought a $1.42 billion stake in Burger King Holding, Inc. (BKC)— who lives exclusively in hotels, carries all his possessions in a brown paper bag, and doesn’t even own a watch. And, of course there is Richard Branson, whose Virgin Group Limited has a 6.5% stake in Virgin Media Inc. (VMED), who, well…enough said.

Dick, Nick, Warren: Meet Tyrannosaurus.

According to NPR, Nebraska Judge Alan Gless recently granted a name change request to Tyler Gold, 23, a self-styled entrepreneur, who will henceforth be known, legally, as Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold. Mr. Rex stated his reasoning for the moniker swap in an offical statement to the court.

“It’s cooler,” he said.

When asked by Judge Gless whether he was changing his name to escape creditors or the Law, T-Rex explained he ‘sincerely’ wished to change his name for entrepreneurial reasons.

“”As an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable,” he went on to tell the court.

Really? Gold wasn’t good enough?

While not all of us have the sheer ingenuity to name ourselves after the king of all Dinosaurs, names might play a larger role in our financial success than previously expected. In a 2011 survey of over 100 million profiles, online professional networking site LinkedIn (LNKD) determined the top names in select professional sectors.

The data revealed that name length was related to job type. While engineer's names had an average of 6 letters, and restaurateurs an average of 7, Salesmen and CEOs had an average name length of 4 letters.

That’s good news for T-Rex, whose new name leaves a big footprint. 

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