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Passengers Can't Bring All Their Cats on an Airplane, Authorities Say

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A few months ago, we asked the important question: Should our dogs be afraid to fly Delta (DAL)? At the time, data released by the government revealed that a large majority of pet deaths on airplanes took place on Delta flights.

Overall, 19 animals died on Delta flights, out of 35 total mentioned in the report. Of course, before anyone gets too worked up, it should be made clear that pet deaths on airplanes are pretty rare, and occur only 0.2% of the time.  

Travelers looking to bring their pets with them overseas might benefit from another crucial piece of information, learned the hard way by a 44-year-old man at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. Apparently, passengers can only check up to four cats per flight (at least on Lufthansa, the airline the man was flying).

More than that, say, 19 cats, is unacceptable.

According to USA Today, an unidentified American man attempted to check 19 cats on a flight between Rome and New York City. When informed of the four cat maximum, he simply abandoned the remaining 15 cats at the airport.

In response, authorities may charge the man with animal cruelty. Even though he has left the country, Italian officials may still be able to file against him.

To make matters worse, the traveler abandoned a number of bags full of pet supplies and kitty litter at the airport, setting off a bomb scare. Talk about a CAT-astrophe (sorry, had to do it).

Officials looking to get rid of the sudden influx of cats might want to look to a pet shelter in Perth, Australia for inspiration. Since Perth’s Cat Haven set up the so-called “Kittycam” (pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a webcam that broadcasts the cats playing) it has seen adoptions jump to record levels. Beyond that, the camera was Australia’s number one topic on Twitter in late April, and received 37,000 views in one four day period.
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