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Apple Boldly Proclaims Nokia Lumia 900 'Best Smartphone Ever'

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It's been a rocky half-year for Apple's (AAPL) resident virtual assistant.

Hyped as a breakthrough feature for the iPhone 4S, the even-toned Siri has already hit its share of bugs, punchlines, and even controversies.

Upon its unveiling, Japanese schoolkids got the giggles because the name was close to shiri, which means "buttocks" in Japanese. It later was the target of a huge backlash after a pro-choice blog discovered Siri was less than forthcoming on the whereabouts of nearby abortion clinics and emergency contraception -- though Android's (GOOG) Siri rival Iris topped the outrage with rape-condoning madness. And Minyanville's Michael Comeau felt Siri was, by far, the most frustrating feature to the iPhone 4S and joked Microsoft's (MSFT) Clippy could unseat Siri as the leading virtual assistant.

But even now, as we mock Siri for enabling users to eschew real shoes and relating its preference for hotspacho, it still manages to surprise us with gaffes that go beyond a casual punchline. The Next Web found what might be the number one reason Siri needs a hefty dose of tinkering before Version 2.0.

Yes, that's Siri boldly proclaiming Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 900 as the "best smartphone ever."

Well, I guess that's better than choosing the BlackBerry Torch (RIMM).

But before you assume this smartphone ranking is sanctioned by Apple, The Next Web is quick to note that the results are being fed from Wolfram Alpha's search engine, and the results are based upon the comments of die-hard Windows Phone fans worldwide. Considering customer satisfaction for the device is very high, the phrase "best smartphone ever" is being applied to it rather than something from Apple, Google, or RIM.

Still, a phrase like "best smartphone ever" should be vetted by Apple employees to provide a pre-approved stock answer, similar to those for "Siri, will you marry me?" and "What's your religion?"

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