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Wireless Chargers Coming Soon?

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I’ve always struggled with charge cables. For whatever reason, the cords for both my laptop and phone chargers eventually crimp and stop working, often accompanied by some blue sparks and odd, burning smells.

For the record, I’m not alone in this. Last November, Apple (AAPL) settled a class action lawsuit involving fraying power adapters. Basically, they acknowledged that the cords should have been more durable by agreeing to replace or pay for broken power adapters.

Well, some day soon, all that might be a thing of the past. At last week’s Samsung Galaxy SIII launch, the company unveiled a charger that worked wirelessly. According to the Daily Mail, some in the industry hope that the technology will soon become widespread.

Samsung has teamed up with Qualcomm (QCOM) and others with the hopes of developing a single standard for wireless charging. The technology would be similar to what’s currently used with electric toothbrushes.

In theory, a single charger could send power to multiple nearby items, from cell phones to tablets and so forth. The developers envision lining up all these products under a single specification. Of course, the first step in all this is making sure that different companies’ products become compatible with the same charger, a task that may prove more difficult than developers hope.

That said, a successful wireless charger might be able to power multiple products at a customer’s home or in their car. If successful, the product could go along way towards improving consumer experiences and just generally make life easier.

Interestingly enough, wireless technology seems to be getting a lot of play outside of the consumer electronics industry. Earlier today, Consumer Reports ran a story describing potential wireless charging technology for electric cars. In theory, a car could start charging as long as it was within eight or nine inches of a specially designed pad.
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