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New Creepy Ice Cubes for Virgin Atlantic

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Richard Branson’s apparently goateed since birth face has been around a lot lately, thanks to Virgin Mobile’s recent commercial. As it turns out, Branson has been concerned with customer service for most of his life -- or so he’d have you believe. More importantly, the billionaire seems to have a sense of humor.

Regardless, it looks like Branson’s face is going to be around a lot more, at least if you’re traveling Virgin Atlantic. The airline’s upper class cabin now features ice cubes cut to the exact dimensions and shape of Sir Richard’s face that “feature an impressive level of detail.”

A press release from Virgin Atlantic promises that customers will now be able to experience “chill out time” (the whole thing is pretty pun heavy) with the airline’s owner.

Called “Little Richard Ice Cubes,” the new item took a team of four designers six weeks to create, using “detailed photographic techniques and laser scanning technology.” All for something that lasts, at best, an hour outside of the freezer.

The cubes are available in Virgin Atlantic’s new upper class cabin. It now features the biggest airplane bar ever. Customers can lie all the way down in the seats or get up and socialize at the bar.

Obviously, the new ice raises questions about Sir Richard’s ego and his ridiculous seeming desire for the spotlight. That said, the ice cubes are almost too cartoonish to be anything but a joke -- actually a pretty good joke -- and more power to Branson for making publicity stunts fun.

In case you’re wondering, a cursory Google (GOOG) search reveals that it is possible to have custom ice cubes made, albeit not to the level of detail of Branson’s. Of course, there’s a ton of ice cube tray options to choose from so why limit yourself to something you can see in the mirror whenever you want. Instead, get a guitar, or Pi.
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