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Victims of Beer Robbery Made Whole by Pabst Man

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Nothing goes together better than beer mugs and camera mugs, if you ask any college kid posting their drunk pictures on Facebook. Or a brewing company representative pulling a really effective public relations stunt. But sometimes corporate PR is sweet, even downright heart-warming.

Last week, a group of students from the University of Nevada in Lincoln were held up in an armed robbery while drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon on their patio. The criminal crashed the party and, when he was told to leave, pulled out some kind of weapon and ran off with a single can of beer.

One of the victims, a senior and advertising major named Jessica Robertson, thought the robber had brandished a knife. As it turns out, it was just a fork. At least it wasn’t plastic.

Police found the man on the street so quickly after the incident, he didn’t even have a chance to finish drinking his loot. He was escorted back to the party where he was identified and arrested. The police then proceeded to dispose of the stolen can of beer.

“They came and poured it out,” said Robertson. “What a shame. What a shame.”

But when Pabst Brewing Company read the news report on local NBC (CMCSA) affiliate WOWT, it decided to make right these egregious wrongs: A) The theft and B) The subsequent needless waste of the unfinished beer.

On Monday night, Pabst distributor Rick Birdsell arrived at the scene of the crime with cases of beer, and a camera crew, in tow. Birdsell sat down and joined Robertson and her fellow victims for a nice public drink, offering his condolences.

“We're really sorry what happened to you last week with someone taking your beer from you,” said Birdsell.

Minyanville haven’t seen a hops photo op this good since the “Beer Summit” Barack Obama held back in 2009 to quell racial tensions between a white Cambridge, Massachusetts police sergeant and the African American Harvard professor he’d arrested for disorderly conduct.

During that 40-minute pow-wow on the Rose Garden patio, the country drank up unity while Bud Light (BUD), Sam Adams Light (SAM), Blue Moon, and non-alcoholic Buckler were enjoyed by President Obama, professor Henry Louis Gates Jr, Officer James Crowley, and Vice President Joe Biden, respectively.
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