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Long-Lost Apple Video Has Steve Jobs Hilariously Portraying FDR

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For all their displays of unabashed corporate loyalty and cringe-worthy embarrassment, there are few things greater than internal corporate video productions.

Sure, employee training videos from Blockbuster, Wendy's (WEN), Chuck E. Cheese (CEC), and Pizza Hut (YUM) are great for a few laughs. Even well-intentioned but highly disastrous showcases -- like Steve Ballmer's sweaty "Developers! Developers! Developers!" chant or Microsoft's (MSFT) farewell performance at this year's CES -- are perfect for the occasional Facebook Like or tweet.

But the prized peach, the diamond in the rough, the gift that keeps on giving, is the corporate-produced video that was never meant to be seen by anyone other than a handful of chuckling execs in a locked conference room.

Apple (AAPL) already delighted us with "Blue Busters" -- a Ghostbusters parody from 1984 that bashed the company's then-number-one enemy, IBM (IBM). Featuring Macintosh proton packs, cheesy visual effects, and a Steve Wozniak cameo, it truly is a wondrous sight:

But as much of a delightful romp "Blue Busters" is, it's not nearly as jaw-dropping as seeing the late Steve Jobs drop his resigned and professional veneer and gleefully portray Franklin Delano Roosevelt in another internal video.

Obtained by Network World from former Apple employee Craig Elliott, the video was intended to be an unofficial "sequel" to the company's iconic "1984" ad, entitled "1944." In it, the Apple team stars as World War II allied heroes battling IBM's axis of evil. (Notice a trend?) And at the precipice of what is said to be a lengthy yet successful battle, a call is made to FDR -- played by our man Steve Jobs.

"General, you and your brave fighting force have a rendezvous with destiny," Jobs proudly says. "Your battle will be long. It will be hard, but it will be won. I'm sure your victory will be great. Insanely great." He punctuates that line with a toothy, cigarette holder-equipped grin.

The full-length version can be seen here:

But those who just want to see Jobs ham it up on camera, his clip is here:

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