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Who's Behind the Android Apps You Use?

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As Android (GOOG) adoption continues to rise, now reaching a majority of mobile customers in the US, the ubiquitous OS is hardly wanting for developers. What once was an also-ran in the early years of iOS (AAPL), Android soon accumulated its share of loyal users and steadily grew a wealth of developers eager to jump on a burgeoning market.

But who are the people who design our Android apps? Do they work in teams or tend to be lone wolves? Is the Google Play Store their sole marketplace, or do they branch out to the Amazon Appstore (AMZN) and SlideME?

Well, StartApp sought to answer these questions and more in a recent survey of Android developers. Of the survey participants, over a third also develop for iOS, 15% also code for Windows Phone (MSFT), and a mere one out of ten venture into the shores of BlackBerry's App World (RIMM).

An overwhelming majority (93%) develop free or mostly free apps, with the remaining 7% crossing their fingers and hoping Android users will buck the trend and pay for software. US and India host the top two countries for Android developers, with China in a close third. And by and large, the designers work with Samsung devices at 53% -- HTC, iPhone, Motorola (MMI), and Sony (SNE) round out the top spots.

Along with showcasing some personal music and film preferences, StartApp compiled the survey results into a sleek infographic.

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