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TV Producer Can't Find Actresses Untouched by Plastic Surgery in Miami

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It’s a strange time in television programming when women with breast implants are posing a problem for producers. But the surgically enhanced set has become the bane of the existence for a new show slated to air on Liberty Media Corporation (LMCA) subsidiary network Starz.

Magic City, a period drama set in 1959 Miami Beach, is in a casting conundrum. Breast implants would be anachronistic in women of that era. The first set wouldn’t be implanted in its maiden patient, Timmie Jean Lindsey, for three years and the procedure wouldn’t become widespread for decades. Unfortunately for Magic City’s executive producer Mitch Glazer, who wants his production to remain true to the time, naturally full-figured women are an endangered species in Miami.

“I’ve actually had better luck finding synchronized swimming groups than I did finding real boobs,” said Bill Marinella, local extras casting director. “We did a lot of research and reached out to burlesque clubs and just finding people on the beach and literally walking up to them on the street and saying, ‘Hey, you look like you’re right out of The Great Gatsby.’ ”

A casting notice sent out to local models and actresses read in all caps: “GIRLS HAD FULLER FIGURES BACK THEN...SO NO SKINNY MODELS. ALL-NATURAL -- NO PLASTIC SURGERY/BREAST IMPLANTS.”

Even during the worst economic period in American history since the Great Depression, augmentation mammaplasty has continued to be a booming business. According to data from the National Institute of Health, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,, and the US Census, $2,099,611,800 was spent on implants in 2010. That figure exceeds the GDP of Tonga, Somalia, and Samoa combined. As of that same year, an estimated 5,083,717 women, or 4.93% of the female American population, were jacked up with silicone. The number of implants manufactured since 1997 could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Too bad for Hollywood that Christina Hendricks can’t be in every period production at once.
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