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BMW Slapped With Erection Lawsuit

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You hear about motorcycle riders falling in love with their choppers, but getting physically aroused over one is really pushing the boundaries of social acceptance.

When a 52-year-old California man’s BMW produced stirrings in his loins that simply refused to ebb, he took out his frustration on the very object of his affection -- or at least its manufacturer. Henry Wolf is suing BMW of North America for giving him an erection during a road trip in May of 2010 that has not gone away, to this day.  

In his civil lawsuit, filed last week in San Francisco Superior Court, Wolf claims his unflagging two-year medical condition began immediately following a four-hour round trip motorcycle ride on his 1993 BMW motorcycle. Wolf believes the bike’s “ridge-like” seat he had installed to enhance comfort was “negligently designed” and thus caused this unwanted hardship. Corbin-Pacific, the maker of the seat, is also named as a defendant.

Since that fateful ride, Wolf has suffered from a side effect usually associated with erectile dysfunction drugs such as Pfizer’s (PFE) Viagra or Eli Lilly and Company’s (LLY) Cialis as well as some antipsychotics. The condition, called priapism, is a painful erection that keeps the penis from returning to its flaccid state. In Wolf’s case, priapism is a 24-7 affair.  

“It’s very embarrassing, and all kind of problems developed,” said Wolf’s attorney, Vernon Bradley. “He had to reconfigure his clothing, and going to the bathroom was a problem.”

Wolf was told by a number of physicians he consulted that the special Corbin-Pacific seat combined with the long ride was the direct cause of his priapism. Thus far, Wolf’s condition has not responded to a variety of drug therapies and, according to Bradley, surgery is his last hope.  

The lawsuits, which seek compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, and lost wages, will be served to both BMW America and Corbin-Pacific this week. The companies have one month to respond.
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