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Heart Attack Burger Inexplicably Makes People Sick

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Sometimes, the names of things are self-explanatory. Snakes on a Plane is a movie about snakes on a plane; the KFC (YUM) Double Down is kind of gross, etc.

In these cases, titles serve as a warning of what’s to come and it is the consumer’s responsibility to heed these warnings. To return to Snakes on a Plane, anyone renting that movie shouldn’t be surprised to see Samuel L. Jackson fighting to get snakes off of a plane.

Initially, Las Vegas’s Heart Attack Grill seems like a more complicated case. After all, the owners can’t really be implying that their food causes heart attacks. That would be bad business.


Last Saturday a woman collapsed after eating the restaurant’s “Double Bypass Burger,” a high calorie option. In fairness, the Global Post points out that she had also been smoking and drinking.

This marks the second collapse at the restaurant in the last few months. Back in February, a man was taken to the emergency room after eating the “Triple Bypass Burger.”

The Heart Attack Grill’s owner, Jon Basso, told reporters that his restaurant mainly attracts “thrill seekers” and “people who don’t really take good care of their health.” Sounds like a good demographic for heart attacks.

The woman appears to be recovering fine. Beyond that, reports suggest that a high calorie meal can’t really cause an immediate heart attack, vindicating the restaurant.

Still, a 9,000-calorie burger can’t help. The “Quadruple Bypass” contains four half-pound patties and is apparently the most caloric sandwich in the world.

For comparison, KFC’s chicken and bacon Double Down only contains 610 calories. McDonald’s (MCD) Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon, the most caloric sandwich on this chart, has only 800 calories.

That makes both of those healthy choices, something that I hope I never have to say again.
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