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Sneaking Soda in a Water Cup Now a Felony

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We’ve all done it (okay, maybe only some of us have done it): taken a water cup at a fast food restaurant and filled it with soda. Savvy consumers pick Sprite (KO), because of its color, but a true risk taker goes big, picking Coke, Pepsi (PEP), or Dr. Pepper (DPS).

Well, apparently, that’s a felony.

Last night, in Naples, Florida, Mark Abraire walked in to his local McDonald’s (MCD) and asked for a cup for water, according to ABC News. Even though the employee told him that the cup only for water, he filled it with soda and left the store.

Outside, the store manager confronted Abraire to ask him to pay for the drink and leave the premises. Abraire then cursed out the manager and refused to leave. He also refused to pay for the drink, valued at $1.00.

Following the altercation, the local police quickly stepped in and made an arrest.

Although Abraire was only charged with petty theft, previous convictions bumped his crime up to a felony. He could receive as much as five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The moral here? Don’t steal soda from your local fast food join, and if you do, don’t get caught.

Of course, fast food restaurants have always been hotbeds of crime. Just the other day a Manhattan Wendy’s (WEN) was robbed, marking the second such robbery over the past few weeks.

No chain has it worse when it comes to robberies than Waffle House. Late last year, we reported that 18 Waffle Houses were robbed over a two-week period. A spokesman was quick to explain that the robberies weren’t Waffle House specific but rather all night diner specific.

Then again, let’s give Waffle House a break. As an integral part of our country’s national disaster recovery system, robberies may just be part of the drill.
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