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Stressed DC Workers Could Use a Good Ol' Pie Fight

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Those of us who don't live in Washington, DC, probably have some pretty deluded notions about just what goes on there.

We think our lawmakers and their satellites are constantly enjoying the pricey favors of foreign nations while on fact-finding missions, concocting strange brews, and drinking on the "job." We think they, swollen with power, are having ongoing relations, both real and virtual, with a succession of interns, call girls, mistresses, and lobbyists.

We've made a huge mistake, a recent Washington Post feature suggests.

Turns out, the folks working in DC, in sharp contrast with New Yorkers, are too busy to do much of anything except work. It's a town where " 'work-life balance' means you’re scrolling through your BlackBerry (RIMM) during your daughter’s dance recital," the article laments.

One group aims to change all that and "restore some of the whimsy of childhood" to the capitol. The duo behind Spacious -- one a church-going grandmother, the other a paralegal who just graduated from college -- plan to commandeer old ice cream trucks and turn them into mobile “play stations” offering milk and cookies (presumably because ice cream itself just isn't sufficiently redolent of "whimsy") and the "on-the-spot hairdressing" you might remember from when you were 10. They also plan to organize flash mob conga lines.

Spacious recently held an "adult recess" event that reportedly included some 65 people, among them "doctors, State Department employees, Capitol Hill aides and tech-support workers."

Not too bad considering the activities in question were playing Twister and tug-of-war, shooting marshmallows at each other (what regression to childhood would be complete without weaponry?), and smacking each other in the face with fat-free whipped cream pies (it's not bullying -- it's dodge ball!).

The article quotes various experts on the benefits of adult play and ties in the stress of a DC gig with the need to regress to recess. And while the rank and file may well need to devote more time to playing "Doctor," we can happily boast that some of our politicians never abandon their memories of the sandbox until they regrettably leave office.
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