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You Gonna Eat That Juice Box?

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Just how trendy has the already trendy Green movement gotten? NASCAR, a sport that literally -- and exclusively -- involves driving in circles, has jumped on board.

On April 28th, a battery powered Ford (F) Focus will serve as the pace car for the Richmond 400. In response, fans plan to spray CFCs into the atmosphere and then cut down some trees.

Meanwhile, green technology just keeps pushing forward. Earlier this month, we talked about a number of expensive and inconvenient ways to help save the environment. Last night Marketplace came up with something a little easier: edible packaging.

Harvard biomedical engineer David Edwards has invented edible packaging for both food and drinks based on grape skins. He envisions a world where shoppers go to the store, pick out an item that looks like an apple or other piece of fruit, stick a straw in it, drink the juice, and then eat the fruit shaped packaging.

Most recently, Edwards has developed ice cream in an edible chocolate skin that doesn’t melt. It will debut in Paris this summer.

As cool as that sounds, there are a few issues. For starters, Marketplace quotes John Kalkowski, an editor at Packaging Digest Magazine who is worried about the taste of these products.

There are also concerns over protection against germs and damage as the box is now part of the food. On his end, Edwards acknowledges that there might be a few psychological hurdles for consumers. That said, all of the products are easy to wash.

Edible packaging sits as the logical next step after biodegradable and recyclable materials. After all, no matter what their percentage recycled material, plastic and cardboard will never be food.

It should be interesting to see how this idea fares commercially. Regardless, green technology looks like it will continue taking over pretty much everything. Other than NASCAR, there’s now an eco-friendly alternative to Legos.

They’re called Earth Blocks and, honestly, they look kind of dirty.
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