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Like iPhone Users, Android Owners Demand Artificially Yellowed Photography

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Who needs clarity, megapixels, or depth of field when the photo of your lunch can be sepia-toned and framed like a Polaroid?

As our smartphones have largely replaced point-and-shoot cameras for impromptu photography, retro photo app Instagram has proven to be a massive success for those who miss the look of pictures we used to regard as "bad shots." Since debuting on the iPhone (AAPL), the app has neared 30 million registered users. But the Android (GOOG) lot were left out in the cold, having to rely on lesser apps with fewer filters like Retro Camera.

However, last month, creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced their app was making its way to Google's mobile OS. And yesterday, they delivered. Android users downloaded the highly coveted app in droves and hit the one million user-mark in under 24 hours. By comparison, it took Facebook nine months and AOL (AOL) nine years to achieve the same feat. Since the app's debut on Google Play, the Instagram makers said the service was seeing 2,000 sign-ups a minute, cementing the launch as one of the biggest in Android's history.

Although Flickr (YHOO) and Posterous support will be implemented in a future version, reviews have been generally good and claim the app can hold its own against the now-tweaked and refined iOS version.

But with this week's release of Nokia's (NOK) Lumia 900, hopefully Windows Phone (MSFT) users will be the next to enjoy artificially yellowed photography.

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