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Now You Can Go on a Cruise With Your Favorite Musical Act

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"You sang like someone who sings on a cruise ship. Halfway through I imagined the ship sinking."

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Fox's (NWS) American Idol or The X Factor, you would know that one of judge Simon Cowell’s famous putdowns for singers is that they sound like a cruise ship singer.
Thanks to years of Cowell repeating this putdown, cruise ship singers might have lost their allure for customers. This could be, as the New York Times reports, why cruise promoters like Sixthman have come up with a new concept for its cruises: music-themed cruises, featuring famous rock stars.

Fans willing to pony up somewhere between $900 and $1,400 — not including airfare or bar tab — can rub shoulders with their favorite acts and enjoy three to five days of food, music, Caribbean sunshine and extras like a photo with the band (no autographs, please).

Are you a Weezer fan, for example? You would have loved the festival-like atmosphere on the Weezer cruise, where, besides performing on two nights, the band also partook in shuffleboard tournaments and midnight movie screenings.
Also on Sixthman’s roster are acts from every genre of music, like Kid Rock, Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer, Hanson and Lucinda Williams.
Music cruises, it turns out, have been a great boon to the cruise industry, as it is bringing in a significantly younger (30+) crowd than the typical demographic, whose average age in 48.
“The cruise industry is blown away that we can get people in their 30s on board a cruise ship. And we’re getting them to pay two to three times what they’re charging. They’re scratching their heads,” Sixthman CEO Andy Levine told the Times.
And as for the musical acts? It seems like those who headline these music cruises genuinely have a great time. Kid Rock told the Times, “I thought this is either going to be the greatest thing ever, or a nightmare. But it turned out to be one of the funnest times of my life — and as I think you know, I’ve had some fun on all different levels.”
Of course, there is a debate to be had as to whether or not performing on a cruise ship constitutes to selling out, especially for alternative rock bands like Weezer.
Still, given the success of the format, I’m thinking that companies like Carnival (CCL), whose cruises have met with rough seas recently, are probably busy coming up with their own music cruises.
Also, it’s time for Cowell to come up with a new putdown then.
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