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One-Touch Pizza Delivery Via Bluetooth Fridge Magnet

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What could possibly beat the ease with which we order pizza today -- with a few clicks on our computers or smartphones? How about one click...on a magnet...that’s on the refrigerator?

“Pizza delivery will never be the same again,” claims a new online video advertisement from Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai. “One small fridge magnet, [o]ne giant leap to banish your hunger forever!”

The future of effortless carbo-loading is upon us. Behold, the VIP Fridge Magnet.

Reported by Mashable yesterday, Red Tomato Pizza, a franchise restaurant with locations throughout the Persian Gulf, literally has its finger on the button of its people’s pizza needs. The one-touch ordering system instructs customers to pre-set a custom order online, connect the pizza box-shaped magnet via Bluetooth, and, when they’re hungry, push the magnet. (In very cute ESL fashion, the button reads “Push for hunger.”) Red Tomato Pizza sends a confirmation text of the order, followed by the pizza to the customer’s door.

The obvious hitch is having to eat the same thing every time you order. The restaurant does allow customers to change their previously selected order online at any time but then, doesn’t that undercut the system’s simplicity and thus defeat the whole purpose of having the magnet?  

The Western World’s pizza acquiring technology isn’t too far behind. Yum! Brands (YUM) subsidiary, Pizza Hut, has mobile apps that allow ordering and paying on Android (GOOG) devices, Apple’s (AAPL) iPad and iPhone and Windows Phone (MSFT) devices. Papa John’s (PZZA) adds Blackberry (RIMM) to that list.

The industry leader in pizza delivery, Domino's (DPZ), is actually laggard when it comes to digital ordering. Its Android app only launched last month, but within the space of two weeks, was downloaded 140,000 times. It reached the number one spot in the lifestyle category of the Google Play marketplace and is, according to its own press release, “outpacing” those of its national competitors.

That may be, but I bet it’s not as cinematically groundbreaking as shown here:

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