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Check Out New Zealand's Marijuana Vending Machine

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When it comes to vending machines, no country can boast of a greater selection than Japan. Besides the usual ones for Coke (KO), Pepsi (PEP), DVDs from RedBox (CSTR), or even electronics like the Best Buy (BBY) Express, Japan has vending machines that dispenses fresh lobsters, fortunes, eggs and even lingerie.
The land of the rising sun, however, is facing fierce competition of the title of Weirdest/Most Awesome Vending Machine from upstart New Zealand. What does the island country boast of? How about a vending machine that dispenses cannabis?
Yes, the Daktory, New Zealand’s first cannabis club, has recently begun using a vending machine to sell one gram bags of cannabis that cost NZ$20 ($16.20) each.

Source: Fairfax
The club’s decision to do so was motivated not so much by a sales or marketing strategy, but simply by fears that its members might get arrested for selling the drug, classified there as a Class C drug that poses “moderate risk.” The vending machine, according to TVNZ, “is a standard dispenser but has been filled with cannabis rather than confectionery or toys.”
Julian Crawford, the president of New Zealand’s National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which uses the Daktory as its headquarters, told TVNZ that the vending machine had proved to be popular with guests, racking up hundreds of sales on some nights.
Unfortunately, the lightheaded joy of guests of the Daktory, located in the suburb of New Lynn, was short-lived, as local authorities have raided the club last week and seized the marijuana vending machine, as Reuters reported.

Police said they arrested four people and seized the vending machine, NZ$27,000 in cash and around 700 grams of cannabis, as well as bongs, pipes and other utensils when they raided the property on Thursday evening.

So much for stopping by New Lynn the next time you’re in New Zealand then. Not to despair though, there are still some pretty nifty vending machines here in the US. You might want to check out, for instance, Sprinkle’s cupcake ATMs in parts of California, Chicago and Houston, or Diaper Bag Basics’s vending machine in St. Paul, Minnesota, which sells diapers, pacifiers, sippy cups, Kleenex (KMB) and other assorted kiddie paraphernalia.

And of course, Apple (AAPL) fans might want to head to Macy's (M) to get their hands on the new iPad from the department store's Apple vending machine.
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