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Chinese University's Lingerie Show Blatantly Rips Off Victoria's Secret

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It’s reasonable to say that China doesn’t exactly have the strongest reputation for respecting intellectual property rights.
Apple (AAPL) can certainly attest to that, what with the numerous instances of Chinese companies illegally using the iconic company’s brand name to profit. There were the iStoves, which even came emblazoned with the Apple logo, and the stores designed to look exactly like Apple stores. Starbucks (SBUX) and McDonald’s (MCD) also became victims of copycats in China. The Seattle-based coffee giant even successfully sued one Chinese company, Shanghai Xinbake, for using a name similar to Starbuck’s in Chinese.
Well, it turns out that it’s not just tech and retail companies, or even just businesses in general, that play fast and loose with copyright laws. Even university students do so too.
At the Chengdu University of Technology, students recently held a lingerie fashion show. After pictures of the runway show were posted online, commentators were quick to realize that the loud costume worn by the student models bore more than a slight passing resemblance to those by Limited Brand’s (LTD) Victoria’s Secret.
Check out these side-by-side photos, courtesy of, yourself.

For even more pictures showcasing Chinese Victoria's Secret rip offs and also a video of the runway show, check out

Meanwhile, Conan O'Brien also had the opening credits to his talk show plagiarized by a Chinese talk show. Watch Conan's hilarious acceptance of his Chinese counerpart's mea culpa.

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