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You've Got Apple TV in My iPad Event!

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As Android (GOOG), RIM (RIMM), and Microsoft (MSFT) gird their tablets' loins in preparation for Apple's (AAPL) iPad 3 event next week, Ol' Cupertino may have something in store for TiVo (TIVO), Roku, and Boxee as well.

Like in Apple's recent mobile events which demonstrate iCloud and AirPlay connectivity, the company will most likely showcase the variety of ways the iPad will sync and stream from multiple devices around the home -- iPhones, laptops, and TVs. And what better way to demonstrate the interaction of the iPad 3 with your television than with a brand new Apple TV?

According to 9to5Mac, sources close to Apple's release schedule have claimed that a new version of Apple TV will launch alongside the iPad 3 models next Wednesday. Of course, an imminent release was hinted at once Apple began stalling current Apple TV shipments weeks ago, but now we have a few more details of what to (likely) expect in the new set-top box.

9to5Mac reported that the upcoming Apple TV may support a new dual-core A5X chip boasting enough power for the device to finally stream 1080p video. Previous Apple TV models sported slower chipsets which prevented it from measuring up to its more powerful media center contemporaries, so it's nice to see the company finally upgrade its "hobby."

A few other rumored possibilities would be a much-welcome Bluetooth remote control -- allowing users to tuck the Apple TV away from an infared signal's line of sight -- as well as Siri support. And if recent patent filings are any indication, the new device could support a new remote interface on iOS devices.

While an update to Apple's set-top box "side project" would be a nice surprise, it's still a far cry from solidifying the rumors of an actual iTV set, which some sources say already exists. However, considering the still-disappointing state of the media center industry, maybe this update will finally embed the features that will not only put Apple as a clear TV industry leader, but also put some serious hurt on the antiquated cable companies.

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