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Check Out This Ingenious McDonald's Ad That Is Illegal to Remove

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Is it impressive creativity or corporate hubris? In California, designer Sean Click has conjured up a viral seed bomb ad for McDonald’s (MCD)
A seed-what? Basically, seed bombing is a cool-sounding term for introducing vegetation onto typically restricted or privately-owned land.
In this case, Click dropped a bunch of yellow poppy flowers on the grass patch by the side of roads to form the ubiquitous golden arches of the fast food giant, according to Harrison Weber of The Next Web, who is unclear if this was an official campaign sanctioned by McDonald’s.

Here’s where the insanely cool or awfully exploitative, depending on how you view it, part comes in: California poppies, the flowers used for this viral seed bombing ad campaign, are California’s state flowers, which makes it illegal for anyone to dig, pick or destroy them. Hence, landowners cannot uproot this green ‘billboard’ – At most, they could simply hide it by planting more poppies around.
What do you think? Is this a great way for McDonald’s to kill two birds with one stone – improving brand awareness while beautifying a sterile landscape? Or is this a display of an unsavory corporate exploitation of legal loopholes? In any case, the company’s certainly gotten press attention, which means the campaign is successful already.
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