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Microsoft Kills Off an Old Friend

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Seventeen years ago, families pining for more blue error screens in their homes were about to get their wish. Microsoft (MSFT) was six months away from releasing Windows 95 and, with it, prolonged "Look and Feel" disputes with Apple (AAPL). But when marketing the operating system, Microsoft chose to center its ad campaign around a new way for Windows users to invoke their fleet of programs: the Start button. Using the Rolling Stones' classic "Start Me Up," Redmond did, however, miss an eventual truth by omitting the line "You make a grown man cry."

But 17 years later, on the precipice of the much anticipated final release of Windows 8, Microsoft looks to have killed off its most highlighted and central feature of Windows 95.

In the latest Consumer Preview of the upcoming OS, the Super Bar is shown without the Start button in the lower left hand corner. Earlier test builds still bore the button, albeit  flattened so it matched the Metro UI of Windows 8. But as seen in the latest build, the button didn't survive.

The Verge confirms, however, that the Start button's functionality will be retooled. Rather than a clickable icon, users will have a "hot corner" which will invoke a "thumbnail-like interface" when the cursor is moved to the lower left hand corner -- as well as keep Apple's legal team licking its chops. The function is expected to remain consistent whether using a mouse or touch input.

As we've already seen, Windows 8 represents a radical -- and welcome -- change to the OS line. But it's almost a little bittersweet to see something that's been with us for nearly two decades fade from our screens.

On a positive note, we can only hope this leads to the quick yet painful demise of Clippy.

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