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Apple Gets Brutally, Hilariously Slammed by Conan O'Brien

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For the past few years, the harsh working conditions and growing number of employee suicides have put a dark cloud over Foxconn. Already renowned for cheap labor, a dangerous work environment, and hours that could daunt a 19th century coal miner, the Chinese manufacturer has seen its reputation sink even further after a particularly damning article from the New York Times and egregious comments made by chairman Terry Gou, who called his employees "one million animals."

While the backlash had been brewing for a while, a growing number of consumers are calling upon the companies which profit from Foxconn to improve working conditions for its overseas employees or cease the partnership altogether. And although Foxconn creates Kindles for Amazon (AMZN), Xboxes for Microsoft (MSFT), and assorted hardware for Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Apple (AAPL) is the company singled out as Foxconn's biggest client.

In fact, an online petition has surfaced which asks Apple -- "the richest company in the world" -- to "overhaul the way its suppliers treat their workers in time for the launch of the iPhone 5." Otherwise, the petition intimates, Apple could find itself another customer.

But as the public was already well aware of Foxconn's working conditions and high-profile suicides early last year, that didn't seem to stop them from snatching up the iPhone 4S.

However, with Foxconn making headlines again, the company has again reappeared in the radars of late night staff writers. And for a subject so dark, the writing team at Conan has skewered in kind.

In a parody ad for a fake product, the Apple iNett ensures that Foxconn employees who leap to their death are placed right back at the assembly line where they belong. And in biting commentary of underage workers, the new Apple iNett is guaranteed to work with Foxconn's "diminutive" staffers.

It's brutal, it's hilarious, and it's very, very poignant -- even more so than Conan's Final Cut Pro X sketch from last year. Give it a look-see.

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