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Meet the Newest Facebook Gazillionaires

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It’s fair to say that the Facebook IPO is, as our own Michael Comeau puts it, “generation-defining” for its size, if nothing else.
The world’s top social network is seeking to raise up to $10 billion, and its valuation is placed at anywhere between $75 billion to $100 billion, which means that Facebook would beat out recent tech IPOs from Zynga (ZNGA) ($1 billion), Groupon (GRPN) ($700 million), LinkedIn (LNKD) ($292 million) and even Google's (GOOG) 2004 debut ($1.7 billion) to become one of the US’s biggest IPOs ever. That also means that a whole bunch of rich folks are about to get even richer.
Who exactly will become instant millionaires and billionaires? A New York Times article helpfully lists some of the current holders of Facebook stock. Some of stockholders are your typical wealthy investors.
There’s already-a-billionaire Peter Thiel, who plunked $500,000 in the social network all the way back in late 2004. Thiel now has 44.7 million shares that could translate a staggering $2 billion or more, based on a $100 billion, or $53 a share, valuation.
Other winners include investment firm DST Global, headed by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner (7%), Accel Partners, led by Jim Breyer (201.4 million shares) and even Mark Zuckerberg’s father. In case his son doesn’t fulfil his filial duties, Zuckerberg Senior can always turn to his two million shares, awarded “in satisfaction of funds provided for our initial working capital,” according to the Times.
One soon-to-be gazillionaire from the Facebook IPO, however, is not like the other. David Choe is not a venture capitalist, a tech guru, nor is he a college mate or relative of Mark Zuckerberg. Choe is a graffiti artist hired by then-Facebook president Sean Parker in 2005 to paint murals on the walls of its first headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Here's a sample of a typical Choe mural:

For his efforts, Choe was given a choice between thousands of dollars in cash or stock of an equivalent amount at that time, according to those in the know. Choe sagely chose to receive the stock, which is now worth an estimated $200 million.
And just what kind of $200 million murals did Choe conjure up for Facebook? Apparently, as Gawker noted back in 2006, Sean Parker requested that Choe draw as many giant, um, male genitalia as he could. Talk about a serious of penis envy for Choe here.
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