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Daily Show, Colbert Report Weigh in on SOPA

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For the past few days, Jon Stewart had been hearing a lot about SOPA so, like most people, he went online to find out more. The only problem: no Wikipedia.

Instead, Stewart turns to the news where he learns, among other things, that Internet site operators could face up to five years in prison for posting copyrighted material. Concerned that this might be a little draconian, the show checks with Congress, but, apparently, no one is nerdy enough to understand the bill.

Over on The Colbert Report, Stephen explained to Internet users that, thanks to site blackouts, the blue screen of death they’re seeing might just be the sky. He goes on to explain that the bill could chance the Internet forever, although TMZ is safe because they are “free of content.”

Luckily for the Report, Stephen is an encyclopedia originalist and has Wikipedia printed out a few times a month. Thanks to that, and a few other props, Colbert manages to provide every service that users missed during the blackout.

Check out our coverage of SOPA -- as well as yesterday’s protest by Google (GOOG), Wikipedia, and others -- here.
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