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Another Reason to Avoid 3D Movies: Ads

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The public consensus has begun to turn against 3D.

A non-starter in the TV industry, 3D technology no longer has the cache it once did in the theater business. The picture isn't as sharp, it causes eyestrain and headaches, it's more expensive than it's worth, and it can even ruin the 2D movie-going experience. No wonder people are relying on YouTube (GOOG), iTunes (AAPL), and Netflix (NFLX) rather than shelling out exorbitant amounts of cash for a blurry picture. On the other hand, 3D porn can beat Avatar at the box office in some cases.

But recently, Gothamist came across another reason to avoid 3D movies: ads.

During a disastrous showing of Martin Scorsese's Hugo at Regal Union Square (RGC), the film broke twice during its showing, then began to overlay ads for smartphone apps, concession candy, even one for Kia Motors featuring those dancing, anthropomorphic mice. After paying $18 a ticket to sit in the theater for three and a half hours of mistakes, the tipster wrote to Gothamist, "It's quite the mashup. Considering the movie is a tribute to film and film preservation, it was especially hysterical and at the same time a total travesty."

Like in the cases of ruining 2D movies by failing to switch out the 3D lenses, it appears that the mistakes stemmed from an incompetent and disinterested projectionist.

Of the 200 people in the theater, few stuck around to get vouchers for a future showing. "When the movie was over people were really pissed," the tipster wrote, "the managers were standing outside handing out passes and apologizing. [But] after going through all that to get to the end of the movie and to have that happen was surreal."

That may be true, but this bootleg video of the screening disaster seems like it was so surreal, they couldn't help but laugh.

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