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NJ Cuts Plastic Surgery Tax

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In a move that will inevitably spawn a number of Chris Christie plastic surgery jokes -- that is when it isn’t spawning Real Housewives plastic surgery jokes -- the New Jersey State Legislature has voted to phase out their “Botax.” The vote would get rid of a 6% tax on plastic surgeries and elective procedures performed in the state.

According to NPR, the legislature agreed to eliminate the tax last Monday (the 9th) and Christie has to decide today whether to sign or veto the bill. In 2007, then governor -- and current defendant -- Jon Corzine vetoed a similar effort.

The basic rationale for getting rid of the tax is that it causes many NJ residents to leave the state for surgery. Very few other states in the Northeast have a similar law, and so cheaper procedures are a short drive away for many New Jersians. Dr. Steve Godek, a plastic surgeon and proponent of the new law, told NPR that New Jersey actually lost revenues thanks to the Botax.

However, the tax does raise some $10 million annually, all of which goes to reimburse hospitals for charity care. And, whether or not the law loses New Jersey money overall, it might be bad PR to trade charity care for cheaper plastic surgery.

As of this writing, Christie has yet to make a decision on the bill. At around eleven this morning -- in what should be a busy day for the governor -- he had only approved one of about 100 bills. (It allows wineries to sell vintages directly to consumers.)

Whatever Christie decides, one famous Jersey face has provided a pretty big endorsement for the bill. MTV’s (VIA) Jersey Shore’s JWoww is quoted in the NPR article saying, with regard to her breast implants: “I would regret not doing them. I recommend them for anybody.”

Further support comes from a recent study that found that nose jobs make their recipients look more than a year younger. Yeah, the tax is as good as dead.
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