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Watch Julianne Moore Capture the Spirit of Sarah Palin

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With the first Republican primary less than two weeks ago, America is readying itself for a year for political drama.
However, in spite of the fascinating revolving door of Not-Mitt Romneys – namely Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich – that we’ve seen rise and fall in the lead-up to choosing a challenger to President Obama, it's unlikely that we’ll see a battle quite like that of 2008, when the then-upstart Obama took on John McCain.
Adding to the compelling drama of that race was, of course, Sarah Palin. McCain's pick for a vice-president candidate was at once beloved and berated, and whipped up a media frenzy that included the now iconic spoof by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live.
As we head into the primary season, HBO (TWX) has released the first teaser trailer to Game Change, a movie, based on the best-seller by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, that dramatizes the story of how John McCain recruited Palin to be his running mate and ultimately lost in the general election.
Director Jay Roach has assembled a cast of Hollywood heavyweights for the film, with Ed Harris playing McCain and Woody Harrelson taking on the role of Steve Schmidt, McCain’s senior campaign strategist and adviser. As for the role of the titular game-changer, A-lister Julianne Moore will be taking on the challenge.
Watch to see if you think Moore will do a better Palin than Tina Fey did. “Game Change” will premiere on HBO in March.

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