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Top 10 Most Shoplifted Items of the Holiday Season

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It’s the holiday season, and shoppers are out in full force, grabbing last-minute gifts as retailers slash prices dramatically in hopes of lifting a year of depressing sales figures.
But with a stalling economy, scenes of large crowds filling up Tiffany’s (TIF), Michael Kors (KORS), Walmart (WMT) or Target (TGT) don’t mean much. Some shoppers could simply be browsing. Or worse, they could be shoplifting. According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, or NASP, some 27 million, or 1 in 11 shoppers, have shoplifted this year.
NASP also states that the majority of shoplifters do not plan to steal in advance, but rather act on impulse. With the big shopping crowds providing ample distraction then, the holidays is probably the best time for shoplifters to nab a Christmas gift or two for their loved ones.
What would a shoplifter most likely steal? Common sense would dictate that with unemployment rates up, people might be compelled to steal some essential grocery items like, say, milk and cheese, perhaps some laundry detergent, or even a few pecans. However, Adweek recently compiled a list of the top 10 most shoplifted items of the holiday season, and it turns out that shoplifters have pretty sophisticated tastes.
The number one item on the list? Fillet mignon – apparently, American shoplifters like nothing more than a slab of juicy, raw beef stuffed into their pants. Other expensive items popular for shoplifters include, unsurprisingly, Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 4s, Nike (NKE) shoes, and also Chanel and Ralph Lauren (RL) products.
Here are Adweek’s Top 10 most shoplifted items of the holiday season in full. Merchants, you have been warned.
1. Filet Mignon
2. Jameson whisky
3. Electric tools
4. iPhone 4s
5. Gillette Mach 4 Razor blades
6. AXE products
7. Polo Ralph Lauren clothing
8. Let's Rock Elmo
9. Chanel No. 5
10. Nike sneakers

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