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Google Maps First-Person Shooter Shot Down by Google

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Developers have used the Google Maps API (GOOG) for some pretty fun and incredible projects. There was that interactive Arcade Fire music video The Wilderness Downtown which incorporated Street View images of our homes for a nostalgic shot in the arm. Binary Space put us in the middle of zombie swarms taking place in front of our offices. And where would we be without our iPhone (AAPL) or Android displaying an aerial view of Happy Hours within a few blocks of us?

But a Dutch ad agency called Pool Worldwide simplified the interactive structure and just embedded us into Google Street View locations with an M4A1 assault rifle.

Dubbed Google Shoot View, the simulator provides the normal first-person perspective of Google Street View and overlays a big, hulking weapon in your sights. Players can fire upon everything in their view, but since no person, vehicle, or building reacts to the attack, the game isn't so much Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (ATVI) as it is a stress reliever for a deeply disturbed individual.

Here's a video of the game in action:

Strangely enough, Google had a problem with its API being used to simulate a full-on deadly assault of innocent bystanders and shut down the API for Google Shoot View. As of now, the site just bears the phrase "Ctrl + alt + delete" indicating a refresh is coming. Earlier, a message expanded upon that sentiment and read, "Google has apparently killed the link to their API." Adding, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be back."

But in the interest of topping itself, maybe Pool Worldwide pulls a WarGames and uses the Google Earth API for a li'l global thermonuclear war.

So for those with a thirst for the blood of the innocent will either have to wait for the refresh, take to their Xbox (MSFT) or PlayStation (SNE) for some hardcore carnage, or you know, just flip on BBC World News.

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