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Samsung Mocks Apple Fans, Breaks Sales Records

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If there's one thing Apple (AAPL) zealots can do, it's take a joke.

As even tempered as they are levelheaded, devoted fans of the half-eaten fruit are bastions of maintaining composure, handling minor criticism, and looking at both sides logically. Whether it's a message board, Twitter, or the comment section of a financial site, members of the Cupertino Cult never resort to petty name-calling or childish taunts.

Especially when they're shareholders.

So if Samsung were to launch an ad campaign poking fun at the ridiculous lengths some Apple fans will go to become early adopters, well, they're sure to take it all in stride.

The makers of well-received Android (GOOG) devices like Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab has rolled out two new spots for its "Next Big Thing" campaign which make light of a group of fans lined up outside what looks to be an Apple Store. Reminiscent of Verizon's (VZ) Android-centric, anti-AT&T (T) There's a Map for That campaign, both spots center around the capabilities of the Galaxy S II -- 4G speeds, free cloud storage, and multiple video markets -- which match or surpass the default features of the latest iPhone.

Though they are admittedly silly, the spots do showcase the fact that a nearly year-old phone can still keep up with an iPhone 4S.

In more company news, Samsung announced it had broken sales records for 2011 -- by November.

On Sunday, the manufacturer said that its handset shipments have surpassed 300 million units, which is the first time that milestone has been reached since it began manufacturing mobile devices in 1988. By comparison, Samsung shipped 280 million units last year, and that number includes December 2010.

A Samsung executive described how the company's success has made it a global champ and helped push Android adoption past Apple, Research in Motion (RIMM), and Microsoft (MSFT).

"We attained the 300 million mark because we've introduced hit models in succession by banking on upscale designs and cutting-edge technology," the exec said. "The attainment of the 300 million mark in mobile handsets effectively demonstrates that Korea is taking the center stage in the global mobile handset market."

A fact of which Finland is keenly aware.

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