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Real Protestors Take Over Law & Order: SVU's Fake Occupy Wall Street Site

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The long-running Law & Order franchise from Comcast’s (CMCSA) NBC, including its last-remaining series, SVU, has always been known for taking inspiration from high-profile real-life criminal cases.
A Season Six episode of SVU featured a violent game that inspired a murder, much like how Grand Theft Auto, from Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), was blamed by some critics for violent crimes committed by some of its young, male fans. More recently, the opening episode of this season featured a case that was clearly a thinly-veiled dramatization of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair.
Once again ever quick to pounce on the national zeitgeist, the production team behind SVU were planning an episode revolving around the Occupy Wall Street protest, and had set up a shoot at Foley Square, in which the park was set up to resemble Zuccotti Park back when it was occupied by protestors, including a library and a kitchen like those found at the Wall Street site until the city tore them down last month.
However, before any filming had even begun, real Occupy activists managed to march into and occupy the set.
The New York Times reports:

Soon, more than 100 people were in Foley Square. Some crawled into tents and lay down. Others crowded into the middle of the ersatz encampment and danced while pounding drums and waving flags. One man picked up a Twain volume from the library tent. Others made a beeline for the kitchen, where they helped themselves to muffins and a jar of pickles, among other delicacies.

“We thought we would bring some extras down and add some reality to this show,” said Aaron Black, 38, of Brooklyn. “Why should they be able to put tents up in a public park when we are unable to do that?”

Nearby, a man and a woman taped a hand-lettered sign reading, “We are a political movement not a TV show” over one of the ready-made placards decorating the set. Another person scrawled the words, “#OWS is not for sale” on a fake protest sign.

Eventually, the NYPD came in to evict the protestors from the set, but don’t expect Detective Benson to turn up at Foley Square in an episode anytime soon, as the city has rescinded a permit allowing Dick Wolf Films, the production company that shoots SVU, to film on-site at Foley Square.

Check out this video of the ‘occupation’ of the SVU Foley Square set:

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